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Instant payment settlement, anywhere.

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ACES (Automated Clearning and Electronic Settlement) is realizing the next generation of payment settlement. Easily send money instantly to anyone, anywhere.

Potential business partners, banks, and investors should contact us at enquiry@dragonfintech.com.

What’s so awesome about ACES?

World-changing, peer-to-peer digital cash. Payment settlement and sending money has never been easier.

01. Efficient

Reduction in cost, time, and resources

02. Reduction in compliance complexity

Our system not only empowers the financial institution to manage their compliance and governance, but also makes the process easier.

03. On the fly settlement

Allows banks to perform Settlement and Clearing house activities themselves by using the platform to provide settlement on the fly with reduction in counterparty risk.

04. Virtual Banking

ACES allows virtual banks with non-physical presence to carry out banking through mobile devices and internet with ease.

05. Instant liquidity

Our platform provides for instant liquidity and provides for real time gross transaction (RTGT) as opposed to settlement

They've made this possible

A team of hard-working enthusiastic people who helped this product come to life.


Lon Wong - Founder, CEO

Electrical engineer with 30 years of entrepreneural experience. Inventor of a patent pending business method for digital money.


Jeswant Gill - Advisor

Former Vice President and Executive Vice President of the Industrial Segment of Kennametal, Inc. Former Vice President, Global Services at Ingersoll Rand, Inc.